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Empowering Lives,
Transforming Futures

At REVIVE, our commitment to positive change extends beyond words. We believe in action, in making a tangible impact on the lives of those in need. By supporting and collaborating with organizations dedicated to social causes, we aim to create a ripple effect of empowerment and transformation. Here are some of the incredible organizations we proudly support:

SMILE organization

Smile Foundation

Seeds of Change: The Smile Foundation Story

The Smile Foundation isn't your ordinary charity. It's where heartfelt action meets forward-thinking solutions. Established in 2002, this dynamic organization believes in a future where opportunities aren't determined by circumstance. Through education, health, and livelihood programs, Smile ignites potential within marginalized communities, creating brighter futures for all

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How We Make a Difference:

  • Fundraising Campaigns: Designing and leading US-based fundraising initiatives specifically to support Smile Foundation projects

  • Awareness Building: Utilizing social media and student networks to raise visibility for Smile's work within the US.

  • Volunteer Recruitment: Mobilizing students for both virtual and potential in-person volunteer opportunities that amplify Smile's reach

  • Knowledge-Sharing: Facilitating webinars or workshops where REVIVE members learn from Smile's expertise, deepening their understanding of on-the-ground realities.


CRY organization

CRY: Child Rights and You

Where Childhoods Take Flight

For over 40 years, CRY (Child Rights and You) has been a beacon of hope for India's children. From humble beginnings, CRY has become a champion of transformation, safeguarding children's rights, and ensuring every child experiences the joy of childhood. Collaborating with grassroots partners throughout India, CRY's unwavering commitment sparks change at the community level, leaving an enduring legacy of empowered children, stronger families, and a future where every child thrives.

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How We Make a Difference:

  • US-Based Fundraising: Spearheading targeted fundraising campaigns in the US, mobilizing resources specifically to support CRY's diverse projects.

  • Amplified Voice: Leveraging student networks and social media to raise awareness about CRY's mission and the critical issues of child rights among new audiences

  • Global Volunteer Network: Coordinating both virtual and potential in-person volunteer opportunities aligned with CRY's needs, providing additional support across a range of initiatives.


Sense India Logo

Sense India International

Sense India: Where Silence Speaks Volumes

Since 1997, Sense India has shattered the isolation faced by individuals with deafblindness. This pioneering organization brings communication, education, and opportunity into lives once defined by limits. Through advocacy, training programs, and a vast partner network, Sense India champions a world where deafblindness does not prevent individuals from leading full and vibrant lives.

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How We Make a Difference:

  • Specialized Fundraising Focus: Initiating campaigns specifically targeting the needs of deafblind communities, such as funding for assistive technology or teacher training programs.

  • Global Awareness: Utilizing social media and student networks to spotlight the unique challenges and triumphs of individuals with deafblindness, reducing stigma and increasing understanding.

  • Advocacy Support: Amplifying Sense India's advocacy efforts for policies promoting the rights and inclusion of people with deafblindness


Join Us in Making a Difference


Together, we can REVIVE hope, empower lives, and transform futures.

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