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Elevate Minds, Ignite Futures                     (Supporting Child Rights and You
(CRY) Foundation) 

REVIVE's "Elevate Minds, Ignite Futures" campaign addresses the devastating impact of the pandemic on India's children. We believe every child has the right to a quality education, the key to unlocking their full potential. Partnering with CRY, this campaign provides academic support, addresses social and emotional needs, and empowers students to overcome the setbacks they have faced.


Your support makes a tangible difference. Together with CRY, we can invest in India's future by giving children the gift of education. With your help, the "Elevate Minds, Ignite Futures" campaign can rebuild learning pathways, reignite passions, and create a better tomorrow for countless young lives.

The pandemic's disruption highlighted the urgent need for student support in India. Now, more than ever, your generosity makes a profound impact on the next generation, equipping them to not only recover but thrive.

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