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Embrace Diversity, Empower Abilities (Supporting Sense India Foundation) 

SENSE organization

REVIVE's "Embrace Diversity, Empower Abilities" campaign aims to break down the barriers faced by individuals living with deafblindness in India. Understanding that nearly 95% of learning happens through sight and hearing, this campaign recognizes the unique challenges and potential of these children. Partnering with Sense India, a pioneer in deafblind services, REVIVE supports specialized education, skills training, and vital assistive technology


This campaign goes beyond the individual. It empowers families with counseling and training, creating communities where inclusion is the norm. Through Sense India's advocacy work, REVIVE contributes to systemic change, ensuring the long-term protection of rights and expansion of opportunities for India's deafblind population

The "Embrace Diversity, Empower Abilities" campaign is about more than just services. It's a call to recognize the incredible resilience and capabilities of individuals with deafblindness. With the right support, these children can achieve incredible things – attending mainstream schools, developing fulfilling careers, and leading independent lives.

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